Ethical Marketing Guidelines

Gender in advertising

  • we never describe or classify toys by gender
  • we ensure girls and boys are equally represented in all our communication materials
  • we recognise the important parenting roles that mothers and fathers play in their childrens’ lives, and reflect this in our marketing materials
  • we do not target audiences based on gendered norms


  • we do not expose kid’s faces at our communication materials
  • we commit to permission-based marketing and data privacy.

Purpose driven marketing

  • we allocate more than 50% of our marketing budget to special-projects supporting early childhood education while promoting our brand.
  • we ensure at least 30% of all our social media contents to include information on early childhood education or sustainable parenting.

Transparency and honesty

  • we display and promote our products, pricing and purpose accurately and truthfully.
  • we provide accurate product descriptions and utilize appropriate terminology and terms to convey them.
  • we never include information exaggerating values and benefits of our products.
  • we review marketing and communications strategies to ensure that they are not engaging in green-washing.