Meet My Neighbours mobile integration


 📣 Have you met moritoys app -  where traditional jigsaw fun meets with digital discovery?

Our 'Meet My Neighbours' XXL jigsaw now pairs with an educational app. Experience a perfect blend of physical and digital play.

After assembling the XXL jigsaw puzzle, kids can dive into a range of interactive activities right within the app. From sound recognition to spotting differences, every activity is designed to engage and educate.

Why is it a must-have?

🌟 Blend of hands-on & digital learning
🌟 Promotes sound recognition & observation skills
🌟 Enhance cognitive skills with interactive challenges
🌟 Ensures quality screen time 

Perfect for parents seeking to transform screen time with engaging, educational, and fun contents.

📲 Available now on the App Store! Dive in and transform playtime!

Stay tuned for updates as more games will be released shortly!